Tag: Malkavian


  • Alexandra DeLaramie

    The Malkavian Prince du Paris de la Ouest is a cunning if atypical prince. She rose to power 15 years ago when the Camarilla formally took the city from the Anarchs. She proved both a skilled fighter and frightful tactician and because of that, she …

  • Iris

    Was only eight when embraced, as such her form is one of a small child, though she is much older, the Malkavian primogen is a rather inscrutable being with little known about it.

  • Joyce Chen

    Always a woman with a quick mind, Joyce caught the eye of many corporate headhunters. Unlucky for both the corporate world and Joyce herself, she also caught the eye of an elder of clan Malkav. The curses curious effect made her acuity even greater and …