Tag: Mortal


  • Dio Richards

    Full name Diogenes Richards,He is the owner/operator of Dio's Drag, a small new-age shop/hookah bar located in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. A friendly and laid back man, he is well liked by all who enter his shop and sells all manner of …

  • Chief Jessica Parns

    Chief Parns is a formidable woman. She has risen well though the ranks and now sits as one of the younger Police Chiefs in San Francisco's history. She is eager to prove that she was a wise appointment.

  • Gabriel Christof

    Gabriel is a good man who wants to keep people safe. He rose quickly though the ranks of the police force and has only recently arrived at the rank of head detective of Homicide. Despite this, he has many solved cases and seems to have a knack for finding …

  • Izie Neriz

    Owner of the Dame Blue, located in the Castro District, She is often found running something or another in the bar. Her constant presence means that she knows much of what is going on in the district but also in the city as a whole. The club is known for …

  • Lucille Mallard

    A strange story for a successful club owner, she was a housewife until he husband up and left her for the babysitter. She picked herself up and used the money she won in the divorce to start her own club. A few sales, upgrades and years later and she owns …

  • Steven

    A reserved man who has been serving [[:missus-evangiline | Missus Evangiline]] for as long as anyone remembers. He is almost never by her side and pushes his dominators wheelchair when she needs to move.

  • Charlie Shin

    The kind and calm hearted owner of a popular butcher on the edge of Chinatown by the name of [[Chinaman Charlie's | Chinaman Charlie's]]. He knows his craft well and is well connected though out the Asian communities as he often imports delicacies from …

  • Same Kenato

    A surfer/hippie who owns and operates a statue garden by the beach. He has a variety of statuary from several different schools. He has been in a melancholy mood as of late, though no one seems to know why.