Grandma appears to be in her fifties and a life of hard work has aged her a bit. She still looks fit and capable, but her face is lined with wrinkles and her hands are rough and bony. She wears her light grey hair up in a bob, usually accented with a flower or some other decoration. Her green eyes are sharp and clever and she is always ready to offer friendly advice in her warm southern drawl.


Grandma was born at the beginning of the 20th century. She was a teen during the Great Depression and helped to raise her younger siblings, learning many tricks along the way. When WWII broke out, she entered the workforce and learned many other tricks while going from factory to factory.

In the sixties and seventies, Grandma started experimenting with alternate forms of medicine and drugs. She became more knowledgeable about herbalism and started marketing some of her own products. Always quick to offer home grown remedies, this was when she atracted the attention of her sire.

The two studied some together, trading her knowledge for knowledge of true magic. It wasn’t long before he decided to embrace her and make their apprenticeship official. They are still close, Grandma studying with him regularly to improve her own skills.

Recently, she has begun to expand her business. In addition to her practical remedies, she’s begun to bottle concoctions with incredible claims including a supposed love potion. Most of these are fool’s gold and snake oil because Grandma believes a fool and his money should quickly be parted. Her ability to manifest symptoms at a touch only increases her business and she’s still learning tricks to make her life better.


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